Premium Alcohol Seltzer

Made with unique flavor combinations of fruit and spice, PRESS is in a category all by itself. Our beverages are made with natural ingredients and crafted to remove gluten.


Flavor is what sets us apart. The unique blend of natural fruits and fresh spices combined with the effervescence of a crisp seltzer creates the perfect refreshing taste.

Blackberry Hibiscus

Luscious berries that are succulent, sweet & juicy with a refreshingly distinct tangy/tart finish.

Grapefruit Cardamom

Sweet and tart bold citrus with a sophisticated and subtle pop of woody, herbal spice.

Pomegranate Ginger

Refreshing sweet superfruit citrus with the slightly sweet and subtle spiciness of pure ginger.

Lime Lemongrass

Tangy, fresh lime citrus infused with aromatic tones of tangy light lemon and zesty herb.


Health-conscious Midwesterner. On-the-go mom. Imaginative Thinker. And avid seltzer lover. When you combine those traits, it’s no wonder she created a delightfully refreshing, flavorful seltzer drink with just a touch of alcohol. Amy’s discerning palate is what led her to develop the unparalleled quality found in PRESS.

After scouring local markets for fresh flavors, pressed juices, and quality seltzers, she turned her kitchen into a homegrown mixology lab of sorts. Concocting the refined taste profiles in PRESS such as Blackberry Hibiscus and Pomegranate Ginger, Amy took it to the next level by partnering with a beverage flavor lab to make her recipes proprietary and uniquely… PRESS. What started as a passion project quickly became the real deal, and Amy bid adieu to her corporate job to pour her heart into sharing her love for the best tasting alcohol seltzer drink in the category.

Have a taste and we think you’ll agree – our mompreneur nailed it!