low in calories,
carbs, sugar,

PRESS premium alcohol seltzer

PRESS is the only premium alcohol seltzer on the market. Made with unique flavor combinations of fruit and spice, PRESS is in a category all by itself. Our beverages are made with natural ingredients and they are crafted to remove gluten. An alcohol seltzer with a conscience, oh it’s possible. Enjoy.


Flavor is what sets us apart and puts PRESS on top of the category. You see, we found that the unique blend of natural fruits and fresh spices combined with the effervescence of a crisp seltzer creates the perfect refreshing taste.

Our flavors include dry and sweet profiles to appeal to a variety of taste palates. They are designed to capture the attention of wine, liquor and light beer drinkers and offer a fresh alternative to sweeter hard sodas and hard lemonades.

It’s the natural alcohol seltzer that actually tastes…natural.